Jet Road Dryer a first for Australia

IMG_7299IMG_3491Ellis Consolidated has introduced into the market place a new piece of equipment that will revolutionise the way asphalt companies manage site issues, including on site dust control and moisture control.

Delays or cancellations of asphalt laying due to unexpected and wet pavements, which can cause quality issues, can now be avoided by the use of the Ellis Jet Pavement Dryer. Sourced from Nordic countries and commonly used during the asphalt pavement renewal process, we have now brought into the Australia one of the worlds best practise Road Drying Technologies.

The jet Dryer will dry the pavement with hot exhaust gas, allowing asphalt paving process’s to start almost directly after the profiling operation. So issues surrounding moisture caused by profiling, which is necessary to control airborne dust and cutter cooling can be avoided.

We have mounted the dryer onto a Tool Cat Utility Work Machine which also has a bob cat broom arrangement able to sweep behind the profiling operation. We have added this new equipment to our portfolio of machinery called “Road Services” and is now available to our customers.