Jet Road Dryer a first for Australia

Ellis Consolidated has introduced into the market place a new piece of equipment that will revolutionise the way asphalt companies manage site issues, including on site dust control and moisture control. Delays or cancellations of asphalt laying due to unexpected and wet pavements, which can cause quality issues, can now be avoided by the use of the Ellis Jet Pavement Dryer... Read More...

Brand New Insitu Stabilising Machinery

Just getting ready to commission our latest arrivals 20m3 Spreader Body, computer controlled for accurate spreading of binders W240 Stabiliser with Foam Bitumen Capability

Our W350 in the Wash Bay getting ready for its next job

There’s nothing like having the tools to do a job properly. Our W350 has just returned from a Concrete Profiling Job inside a factory, profiling the floor. The machine was used to remove high spots prior to tiling enabling the client to achieve the correct “fall” for water drainage. The process started by bulking out the concrete with the.. Read More...