Profiling has become commonplace in construction throughout Australia and is now the preferred method of removing and/or reclaiming pavement materials.

Ellis Profiling expanded fleet of profiling machines offers:

  • milling machines (rear and front loaders)
  • bobcat with profiling attachments
  • bobcats for clean-up
  • trucks to remove escavated material.

Ellis Profiling fleet of profiling machines are available in a variety of sizes from mini-milling machines, for localized milling around manholes, to high capacity machines capable of milling from 0.5m up to 2.0m wide and over 300 mm deep in one pass.. Read More…

Shoulder Paving

Recently we have introduced onto the Queensland market a purpose built “Shoulder Paving Machine”The machine was sourced from the U.S and is currently available in Queensland. We purchased a machine with dual control that can be used safely in all traffic conditions.The spreader blade is infinitely variable from 500mm to 2200mm. Used in conjunction with our front loading profiling machines we can pave continously at speeds of up to 20mpm.. Read More…


We are currently working with our new fleet of “Stabilising Machines” recycling Queenslands roads. Our modern fleet of machines takes the guess work out of mixing with computer controlled metering systems allowing for homogeneous mixing of the various binding agents.. Read More…