Our profiling division has the latest machines available in today’s market.

Starting with the 1m class machines, we can offer both front and rear loading, tracked or wheeled and fully flexible cutting systems.


Our 2.0m class machines feature the latest technology available with flexible cutting systems. We have introduced into the Queensland market, GPS leveling that can be used in large construction sites for grade control.

We have recently added several new High Performance 2.0m Class machines to our fleet. The Wirtgen W210 profilers are twin engined profilers milling to a depth of up to 330mm in a single pass. These machines are rated at 670hp and capable of high output allowing the asphalt operation to begin sooner!


All our machines use multi point level control which averages the milling depth over a 12m distance. This provides a better level average over a given distance. Consequently this will give the overlaid asphalt a lower roughness count and the pavement will be more durable since dynamic deterioration will be significantly reduced.

Whether patching, full pavement repairs or specialised fine milling we have the machinery and personnel to complete the job.